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Heather Nova Musicians List

Last update: February 26, 2024

Musicians who have played with singer-songwriter Heather Nova



This document lists all musicians who have played with Bermudian singer Heather Nova on her records.
Guest appearances by Heather Nova are not listed.
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Heather's studio musicians (and additional vocals)

Heather NOVA vocals, guitar, keyboard, acoustic guitar
violin: "Widescreen" and "Paper Cup"
glockenspiel: "If I Saw You In A Movie"
tremolo guitar: "Mesmerized"
theremin: "When Somebody Turns You On"
piano: "The Good Ship Moon", "On My Radar", album "Other Shores"
keyboard with synthesised cello sound: "Something About This Place"
melodica: album "Pearl"
female lead vocals and backing vocals: "Stop All The Clocks"
Bryan ADAMS guitar, backing vocals: "Like Lovers Do"
David AYERS guitar: album "Glow Stars", "Not Only Human".
electric guitar, electric 12 string guitar, acoustic 12 string guitar, bass: "Oyster", "Maybe An Angel Edit+Undertow Mix", "Home" and "Blind"
guitar, bass, electric guitar, slide: "If I Saw You In A Movie", "Waste The Day", "Help Me Be Good To You", "When Somebody Turns You On", "Just Been Born"
guitar, E-bo(w) guitar, electric guitars, harmonic guitars: "I Miss My Sky", "Motherland", "Redbird", "Done Drifting", "Overturned", "Mesmerized", "Singing You Through", "Wicked Game", "The Sun Will Always Rise"
lap steel: "I Miss My Sky"
electric guitar, bass, string arrangements: album "300 Days At Sea"
acoustic guitar: "Burning To Love", "Save A Little Piece Of Tomorrow"
lap steel: "I Miss My Sky"
string arrangement: "Mesmerized", "This Body"
bass, percussion, guitar: "Norwegian Wood"
auto harp, harmonium, bass, acoustic and electric guitars: "We Can Work It Out"
Benjamin BIOLAY co-vocals: "Let's Not Talk About Love" (only French version)
Bob BIRCH bass: "I Have The Touch"
Paul 'Biggy' BIRCHALL additional keyboards: "I'm The Girl - K-Klass Extended Remix"
Gregg BISSONETTE drums: "I Have The Touch"
Moses BONES (Felix Tod) deep-down backing vocals: "Spirit In You", "Frontier", "Walk This World" and "Throwing Fire At The Sun"
Luke BULLEN drums: "Motherland", "Mesmerized"
Bernard BUTLER guitars: "It's Only Love", "I'm No Angel"
rhodes: "I'm No Angel"
Leon CAIN violin: "Shaking The Doll"
Marcus CLIFFE bass: "What A Feeling"
Jay CLIFFORD electric guitars, acoustic guitars, baritone guitar, vibraphone, piano, pocket piano, wurly, string arrangement, horn arrangement: "The Way It Feels"
Danny CUMMINGS percussion: "Siren" (except "Not Only Human")
Paulinho DA COSTA percussion: "I Have The Touch"
Andreas DAHLBACK drums, tambourine: "Heaven Sent"
David DAVIDSON string arrangement: "Always Christmas"
Laurin DAVIS backing vocals: "Together As One"
Kenny DICKENSON hammond: "Done Drifting"
piano: "Motherland", "Mesmerized", "This Body"
strings: "A Way To Live"
wurlitzer: "Motherland", "Redbird", "Done Drifting", "Mesmerized", "This Body", "The Sun Will Always Rise"
Anne DUDLEY string arrangement: "What A Feeling" and "Winter Blue"
Geoff DUGMORE drums: album "Siren" (except "Valley Of Sound", "I'm Alive" and "Widescreen"), album "300 Days At Sea", album "Pearl"
Hugh ELLIOTT drums: "Like Lovers Do"
Davey FARAGHER bass: "Virus Of The Mind"
Chris FERNSTEIN bass: "Truth And Bone (single version)"
Burkhard FINCKE string arrangement: "Stars Come Out"
Guy FLETCHER hammond organ, piano, wurlitzer, mellotron, tamboura, hawaiian lap guitar: "Siren"
Berit FRIDAHL guitar: "Talk To Me"
electric guitars: "Motherland"
Mark GOLDENBERG guitar: "Virus Of The Mind"
Oliver GRANT piano: "Love Wins"
Danny HAMMOND guitar: album "Glow Stars"
Steve HANSEN programming: "Gloomy Sunday"
Kwame HARRIS backing vocals: "Together As One"
Greg HAWKES keyboards: "I Have The Touch"
Art HODGE programming: "Virus Of The Mind"
Liz HOOPER additional vocals: "Welcome"
Midori JAEGER cello: album "Pearl", "Jealous Guy", "Never Gonna Give You Up", "Like A Hurricane"
piano: album "Pearl"
Corky JAMES guitars: "Welcome"
Laurie JENKINS drums, percussion: "If I Saw You In A Movie", "Talk To Me", "Virus Of The Mind", "Waste The Day", "It's Only Love", "I'm No Angel", "Help Me Be Good To You", "Just Been Born", "Welcome", "I Miss My Sky", "Overturned", "Wicked Game", "We Can Work It Out"
Jay JOYCE guitar: "Truth And Bone (single version)"
Bastian JUEL bass: "If I Saw You In A Movie"; "Talk To Me", "It's Only Love", "I'm No Angel", "Help Me Be Good To You", "Just Been Born", "I Miss My Sky", "Overturned"
piano: "If I Saw You In A Movie"
Nikolaj JUEL guitar, moog, rhodes: "Siren"
electric guitars: song "Redbird"
Josh KALER drums, bass, keyboards, guitars, electric guitar, lap steel, pedal steel, ukulele, banjo, programming: "The Way It Feels"
Lenny KAYE guitar: "Everytime"
Nathan KOCI horn: "Women's Hands"
Peter KVINT electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals: "Heaven Sent"
Moira LAMBERT backing vocals: song "These Walls"
Nadia LANMAN cello: "Oyster", "Walk This World (acoustic)", "Maybe An Angel Edit+Undertow Mix", "Blind", "Siren", "Grow Young", "Water From Wine", "Ship Song", "London Rain (acoustic), "Many Rivers To Cross", "Nothing", "Heart And Shoulder (acoustic)"
John LANGELY string arrangement: album The Jasmine Flower
Emeline LAVENDER percussion: "Ever Fallen In Love"
Norbert LEWANDOWSKI cello: "Treehouse"
Arnulf LINDNER cello: "Turn The Compass Round", "Everything Changes"
instruments: "Stop All The Clocks""
Vincent LIONS guitar: album "Pearl"
additional guitar: "Cold Little Heart", "Fireproof", "Message Personnel"
bass: "Fireproof", "Message Personnel"
"LONDON Community Gospel Choir" gospel backing vocals: "Done Drifting", "A Way To Live"
"LONDON Session Orchestra" strings: "It's Only Love", "Help Me Be Good To You"
Jan LÖCHEL guitars: "Renegade"
Will MALONE string arrangement: "Heart And Shoulder", "Avalanche", "It's Only Love", "Help Me Be Good To You"
S.P. MANTRA arrangement: "New Love"
Paul MATIC vocals: "Stop All The Clocks"
"The MATRIX" additional vocals: "Welcome"
Jason MAYO programming: "Not Only Human", "When Somebody Turns You On"
wurlitzer: "Waste The Day", "When Somebody Turns You On"
Dean McCORMICK drums, percussion: "Oyster","Maybe An Angel Edit", "Home" and "Blind"
Carlos Anthony MOLINA bass, piano, hammond B3: album "Storm"
MONTI drums: "Valley Of Sound", "I'm Alive" and "Widescreen"
John MOORE saw: "Paper Cup"
Eve NELSON keyboard, drum programming: "Like Lovers Do"
Simon NORDBERG programming: "Heaven Sent"
Jerker ODELHOLM bass: "Heaven Sent"
Colin PAYNE keyboards, string arrangements: album "Glow Stars"
Brad PEMBERTON drums: "Truth And Bone (single version)"
Scott PETITO bass: album "Storm"
Paul PIMSLER guitars: "Like Lovers Do"
Hossam RAMSEY percussion: "Truth And Bone"
Taylor RANKIN violin: "Stay"
"The RAVEN Quartet" strings: The Jasmine Flower
David ROACHE backing vocals: "Together As One"
Peter ROSMANITH percussion: "Stop All The Clocks"
Matt ROUND bass: "Motherland", "Mesmerized", "Wicked Game"
double bass: "The Sun Will Always Rise"
Ralph SALMINS percussion: "Stop All The Clocks"
Paul SANDRONE bass: "Siren" (except "Heart And Shoulder", "What A Feeling", "I'm The Girl" and "Avalanche")
Andrew SCARTH strings recording: "Help Me Be Good To You"
Glen SCOTT hammond: "If I Saw You In A Movie", "Talk To Me", "It's Only Love", "Help Me Be Good To You"
piano: "It's Only Love"
SEVEN extra guitar: "These Walls EP" and "The First Recording"
SIMBALIMBEL (Mishka Frith) dialogue: "Bare"
Satin SINGH percussion: "Not Only Human"
Marcus SMITH backing vocals: "Together As One"
Sophie SOLOMON violin: "I Miss My Sky", "Mesmerized"
Kristoffer SONNE drums, percussion: "Always Christmas"
Mike STANZILAS bass: "Like Lovers Do"
Carol STEELE percussion: "Like Lovers Do"
Andy SUMMERS guitar: "I Have The Touch"
André TANNEBERGER guitars: "Made Of Glass"
Neil TAYLOR additional guitar: "Winter Blue"
Martin TEREFE bass: "Always Christmas"
Gareth THOMAS bass: "Sugar"
Bob THOMPSON drums: "Sugar" and "Maybe An Angel Undertow Mix"
Felix TOD koto, harmonitor: "Not Only Human"
programming: "Ruby Red", "Not Only Human", "If I Saw You In A Movie", "Just Been Born"
synth: "The Sun Will Always Rise"
ambient sounds: "Higher Ground"
percussion: "Stayin' Alive", "Ever Fallen In Love"
bass; "Stayin' Alive"
Nikolaj TORP piano, keyboards: "Always Christmas"
"VIENNA Symphonic Orchestra" strings: "Mesmerized", "This Body"
Mike WEITMAN glockenspiel: "River Of Life"
Mark WILSHER tambourine: "These Frith EP" and "The First Recording"
YOUTH (Martin Glover) bass: "Walk This World", "Heal", "Throwing Fire At The Sun", "Verona", "Heart And Shoulder", "I'm The Girl" and "Avalanche"
bass guitar: album "Pearl"
lead guitar: "I'm The Girl"


Heather's live musicians (and additional vocals)

Heather NOVA vocals, lead vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, harp, Q-chord, keyboard, electric piano, tambourine, whirly tube, melodica, percussion pad, ukulele
Indigo ADAMSON duet: Bermuda 2019 ("The Circle Game"), Vienna 2019 ("The Circle Game")
Che ALBRIGHTON percussion: Genk 2015, autumn 2015, Tel Aviv 2015, winter 2016, A Summer's Tale 2016, Bermuda Sep-2016, Leuven 2019, autumn 2019
cajón: autumn 2022 ("I Wanna Be Your Light" and "Stayin' Alive"
David AYERS guitar: 1993-1995
Joy T. BARNUM backing vocals, harmonies: autumn 2010, Bermuda 2011 "Singing You Through", Bermuda Sep-2016 "Women's Hands", Bermuda 2019 "Running Up That Hill", Bermuda 2019 "Like Lovers Do", Bermuda 2023 "Singing You Through" and "London Rain"
Daniel BELLQVIST duet: Montsoleil 2005 ("Someone New"), Stockholm 2019 ("Someone New")
Nikolaj BJERRE drums: summer 2006
Klaus BRU saxophone: Vancouver 2016 "Winter Blue"
Luke BULLEN drums: 2003-2004 (but no preview showcases 2003), autumn 2011, spring 2012, autumn 2017
Maz DE CHASTELAINE cello: 1993 "Blow" (except "Light Years", "Frontier" and "Doubled Up")
Geoff DUGMORE drums, percussion, cajón: 2008, Bermuda 2009, summer 2009, summer 2010, summer 2011
Caroline EATON cello: "Music after dark" at Bermuda 2010
Hannah EGGEN co-vocals: "I Miss My Sky" and "Every Soldier Is A Mother's Son" at Buna, Bermuda 2022, "Every Soldier Is A Mother's Son" at Anglican Cathedral, Bermuda 2022.
Will FOSTER keyboard, guitar: 2001-2003 (but not autumn tour 2003)
Berit FRIDAHL guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals: 1998-2002, summer festivals 2003, 2005, summer 2006, 2008, Bermuda 2009, summer 2009, autumn 2009 (only Copenhagen, Paper Cup), summer 2010, summer 2011, autumn 2011, spring 2012, Hemiksem 2012, autumn 2017, Leuven 2019, autumn 2019
keyboards: 2000-2002, but only on the song "Spirit In You"
Ali FRIEND bass: 1994-1995
Christina FRITH vocals: Bermuda 2012 "Because", Bermuda Sep-2016 "Higher Ground"
Jonathan FRITH vocals: Bermuda 2012 "Because"
harmonica, backing vocals: autumn 2022 "Make You Mine"
Julia FRITH vocals: Bermuda 2012 "Norwegian Wood"
Mishka FRITH guitar, main vocals: winter 2014 "Stars Will Be Shining" (only some concerts), winter 2016 "Starman" (only some concerts), Decatur 2016 "Starman", Hamilton 2016 "Starman", Hawaii 2017, Sirius XM 2017, USA East Coast 2017
guitar, backing vocals: winter 2014 "I Wanna Be Your Light" (only some concerts)
Alex GANTZ guitar: Vienna 2024
Pascal GLANVILLE bass: 2001-2002
guitar: 2001-2002, but only on the song "Glow Stars"
Christian HAYES guitar: 1996
Chris HIGGINBOTTOM drums: Zermatt 2015 ("Summertime"), from "Ronnie Scott's All Stars"
Midori JAEGER cello, backing vocals: autumn 2017, ARD Moma 2019, spring 2023 (except Labadoux)
Gavin JAMES backing vocals: winter 2014 "Like Lovers Do" (during a few concerts)
Laurie JENKINS drums, percussion, backing vocals: 1998-2002, preview showcases 2003, and 2005, Hemiksem 2012
Q-chord: preview showcases 2003
Sara JOHNSTON keyboard, backing vocals: autumn 2011
Bastian JUEL bass, backing vocals: 1998-1999, 2008, Bermuda 2009
bass, backing vocals: 2000 (or Paul SANDRONE)
bass, backing vocals, piano, guitar: New York 2009 (piano on "Fool For You", "Winterblue", "All I Need", "Papercup", guitar on "London Rain")
K.A.S.E. backing vocals: Bermuda 2011 "Save A Little Piece Of Tomorrow"
Ramona KASHEER guitar: Vienna 2024
Kate KAYAIAN cello: Bermuda 2019, Bermuda 2023
Lenny KAYE guitar: New York 2009 "Everytime"
Max LÄSSER lap steel guitar: Zurich 2009, Bern 2010, Basel 2010, Herisau 2010 "Avalanche", "Doubled Up", "Fool For You", "Wicked Game"
backing vocals: winter 2014 "Someone New" (during a few concerts)
backing vocals: Genk 2015 "The Archaeologist", "Higher Ground", "Paper Cup", "Someone New"
Nadia LANMAN cello: 1993-1999, London 2005
keyboards: 1998-1999
Emeline LAVENDER djembe: Bermuda 2023 "I Wanna Be Your Light" and "Stayin' Alive"
Arnulf LINDNER "plethora of instruments", including contrabass, cello, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, electric piano, banjo, sampler, Stompin'Bass, backing vocals: summer 2009, autumn 2009, summer 2010, autumn 2010, Bermuda 2011, spring promotour 2011, summer 2011, autumn 2011, spring 2012, summer 2012, Boombalfestival 2013, Basel 2013, winter 2014, Munich-ERS 2014, Zermatt 2015, Berlin 2015, Genk 2015, autumn 2015, Tel Aviv 2015, winter 2016, A Summer's Tale 2016, Bermuda Sep-2016, Hawaii 2017, Eindhoven 2017, autumn 2017, Europe 2018, "MS Europa2" 2018, Dublin 2018, Leuven 2019, autumn 2019, De zevende dag 2019, Bospop 2022, W-Festival 2022, autumn 2022, Vienna 2024, Dornbirn 2024
Vincent LIONS acoustic guitar: "MS Europa2" 2018, Dublin 2018, Oslo 2019 "Vincent", Bermuda Red Cross 2020, autumn 2022
Paul MATIC co-vocals: Vienna 2022 ("Stop All The Clocks"), Vienna 2024 ("Stop All The Clocks", "If It Be Your Will")
Dean McCORMICK drums, percussion: 1993-1995
Tiffany PAYNTER duet with spoken work poetry: Bermuda 2019 ("This Body")
Fiona PEARS violin: spring 2006, Bermuda 2007
James PEARSON piano: Zermatt 2015 ("Summertime"), from "Ronnie Scott's All Stars"
Klaus PÉREZ-SALADO drums: Vienna 2024
Christina QUINN backing vocals: Bermuda 2011 "Singing You Through"
Taylor RANKIN violin: Copenhagen 2009 "I Miss My Sky", Copenhagen 2011 "Stay", Zermatt 2015
violin, sampler, backing vocals: autumn 2010 "I Miss My Sky", "Gloomy Sunday", "All The Way", "Untitled Song From Crossing Border"
Milton RAPOSO keyboard: Bermuda 2011 "Paper Cup"
Chris RIFFLE duet: Los Angeles 2016 (1st gig) "Truth And Bone"
Conrad ROACH trumpet: Anglican Cathedral, Bermuda 2022.
Matt ROUND bass: 2003-2005 and summer 2006 contrabass, e-bass, bass
Paul SANDRONE bass, backing vocals: 2000 (or Bastian JUEL)
Glen SCOTT keyboard, backing vocals, melodica: autumn tour 2003 and 2004
Heather SHAW cello: Australia 1999
Cocoa SOLID bass: 1993 "Blow"
Sophie SOLOMON violin: London 2009 "I Miss My Sky"
Simon STAFFORD keyboards, trombone: 2005 and summer 2006
Flora TANDI duet: Prague 2019 ("Gloomy Sunday")
Ben TAYLOR guitar, backing vocals: autumn 2009 "Someone New"
Richard THAIR drums: 1993 "Blow" (except "Light Years", "Frontier" and "Doubled Up")
Gareth THOMAS bass: 1995-1996
Helen THOMAS cello, keyboard: 2000 (or Rosie WETTERS)
Ian TILLEY piano: spring 2006, Bermuda 2007
Bob THOMPSON drums: 1995-1996
Dr Larry TROTT percussion: Bermuda 2009 ("Not Only Human" and "Renegade")
Brett WALZER keyboards: Philadelphia 2016 "Heart And Shoulder"
Rosie WETTERS cello, keyboard: 2000 (or Helen THOMAS)
Christina ZAUNER keyboards: Vienna 2024
Paul (sound engineer) backing vocals: winter 2014 "I Wanna Be Your Light" (only some concerts)
Paper Cup contest winners different instruments: autumn 2009 "Paper Cup":
Alex (mandolin in Cologne), Annie (bass in Leipzig), Jens (little drumset in Berlin), Mario (didgeridoo in Bielefeld), Arno (guitar in Brussels), Estelle (ukulele in The Hague), Dangelo (guitar in Genk), Carlina (flute in London), Joachim (bass in Stuttgart), Stefan (saxophone in Zurich), Paul (bass in Gothenburg).
people from the audience backing vocals: autumn 2022 "London Rain":
all concerts except both concerts in Cressier NE and Aarhus. For example:
Didier (in Rijkevorsel), Verena (in Würzburg), Wojciech (in Mainz), Estelle (in Rouen).
backing vocals: spring 2023 "London Rain":
all concerts. For example: Simone (in Düsseldorf).

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